This logo project designed by request of , Norway. Based on the unique name,  “Bonzai” .. the fatty, shorty, artsy plant philosophy. The client idea by choosing that name was to plant, and take care your web presence as beautiful as bonsai tree. After spent 1 days, unfortunately  I was thinking over plant-related (according to the client) while designing the logo concepts.  1-12 concepts rejected. Finally got the approval at 13rd concept submission..fiuhhh.

The one shown here is the last-approved concept, with an initial letter (also can be a stand alone symbol);  incorporating the idea of organic (translated into web savvy analogy) in hidden leaf symbol. However, I have to change the real shape of leaf into “mouse”  , to avoid the “over plant-related look”.  Interesting project, and frustating as well..funny how I lock my idea into “bonzai” visual character and forgot the relay message 😀

At last, the chosen concept is much simplier than I thought..and lesson number one of designing a logo in this case, you have to design a logo in reverse black & white first. If it looks good, color doesn’t matter 😉 (don’t forget to resize the logo in small needs to be visible, too)


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