designing for a design company

final-logo_tkpI always have a thought that designing for a design company is a BIG challenge with more difficulties, and hard to please client 🙂
Well, not all of them, but mostly. S o this kind of client is way too far if you’re looking for quick turn around project. But this time, I got special case from Norway. I don’t know is the company is one of their company or their client, but the project pretty quick.

I only made 8 design concept, and less then a week I already have an approval with only 1 revision. No way. Yes way!
Ok,’s some thought abut why the design process can easily, quickly approved

1. They have un-unique name to explore
2. The less unique the name is, you’ll get more constraint in exploration; which mean just play it clean and neat
3. They just want to looks good rather than playful idea
4. This kind of client is safe player type
5. They do care about the design , but they do much much more over thinking of how’s the business run. So, this is second priority.

Despite the list, as long the design is still looks good and relevant to the business core, it’ll be (still) OK I guess.

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