Dual Landing Page

What’s more satisfy you, a thousand miles revisions to get the best result or quick turnaround and fast money? In my freelancing experiences..I found that sometimes it’s hard to convince the client what’s aethetic best (according to me, of course). The fact that sometimes we failed to convince what’s best is really kicking me . What I must learn more and more I guess is to find out what they need and combine it with artistic approachment, so both have well function…and you know what, it takes a lot of patience to communicate and to get through extra miles revisions too for this. I guess when it’s worth the final cut, I’ll take the chance.

One example about the case: a landing page with dual links (one to Bali section and the other goes to Houston section) with Flash action script — designed for www.globalchurch.tv
I think it need a few extra miles to go further for better design, despite it is what the client’s want. Sigh..

A landing page design for www.globalchurch.tv

A landing page design for http://www.globalchurch.tv

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