Typography-driven Business Card

I designed this business card a few week ago, for my loyal client : to whom I thank for many typography-driven projects. This client is a pastor and one of the principal of www.globalchurch.tv. He admire typography a lot, and wants a sleek design without exposing religion or narcism (ayay..sorry for Facebook/Twitter fans 😀 ). with the limitation of illustrations, I finally choose a black and white concept which are represent good side and bad side of every person. Angel and devil. Goodness and sin..ok you can go interprete this freely, I wouldn’t mind at all 🙂

The back side using a spot UV finishing for darker tone of black (it’s all 100% CMYK) against K=100 only. My only concern about the typography is : I’m not allowed to cut the word off and make it upside down..so it remains polite and properly read. Ok, lesson number one: do not mix David Carson style with a visible-easy to read need. LOL

typograhy driven business card

typograhy driven business card

  1. Aan said:

    You are damn good..!!

    can you design logo for my planet-orang.org 🙂

  2. Irma said:

    Wow…it’s cool! I like it. Even a priest should have a trendy identity too 🙂
    How are you? Long time no see yah?

    • kepitink said:

      iya dong..kan biar makin banyak pengikutnya (kali) hehehe.
      long time no see..baek-baek ajahh. gimana bali?masih di water & stone?

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