This year we’ve been chosen by EMCO ( formerly known as NV Mataram PAINT ) once again, after first project in 2009  to design some areas of the factory to be a mini diorama (museum) to mark EMCO journey since 1967 – now. Back in 2009 the diorama was design and built with large scale: 33 meters , and now due to limited area, we need to reduced the wall graphic stories into 1:3 scale area. EMCO factory has been chosen as one of UN Habitat visit destinations to represents it’s heritage brand since 1967.

We relayout the wall graphics without compromising EMCO historical values , and displayingvarious authentic, antiques stuff
from vintage motorcycles , bicycles, to all the old money when Indonesia is still formed as Republik Indonesia Serikat . If you’re one of the invited guess to The UN Habitat (July 24 – 27 , 2016), have fun and enjoy the old time ambient arround EMCO corners, at Jl Dinoyo No 11 – 19.

Graphic Design by : y.tjahya@gmail.com
3D Layout : Fathan & Adit
Agency : Paragraf Visual Communication


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