A graphic designer and IT enthusiast. Currently enlarging the network through online media platform as a freelance graphic & web designer mostly, by doing concept, visual graphics & environment for printed collateral and desktop (website, presentation, and WordPress customization). It’s my job to provide you an assistance to refining your brand attributes and gain your company’s competitive edge. This is how I work:

Initializing your needs by drawing the sketch/ rough concept based on internet research/ literature.

From sketch to digital touch up. You’ll get the ideas visualized. From branding identity, printed collateral, web design, to desktop presentation nor flash animation.

From digital files to final artwork and pre-production, real mock-up and real products.

This blog is the hub of my online presence, hopefully you’ll be the next on my showcase ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Feel free to leave a comment or email me at : y.tjahya@gmail.com

  1. key said:

    hello.. nice to meet u.. at logotournament.com..
    good job..


    • kepitink said:

      I bet you’re Indonesian..can’t have access to your URL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aan said:


    Are you diduk?


    • kepitink said:

      damn right. wehehehe
      kerja diplanet orange ya? apa owner nih?

  3. Aan said:

    Hahahah…Planet Orange cuma blog bae Duk…hehehehe, aku begawe di Astaga!com

    Awak ni pernah menang bubu ye….wadaw, manstap nian, bangga rasonyo aku punyo kawan cak ini…

  4. Aan said:

    Duk aku masuk ke link ke blog ini di blog aku ye….

  5. kepitink said:

    boleh..makin nyebar makin dikenal ๐Ÿ˜€
    Ngemeng2 mano portfolio kau untuk program/ interface application?

  6. Aan said:

    Interface apo dulu duk? emang harus bikin portfolio nyo yo…hehehe….

  7. tobytall said:

    diduk? *salaman yuukk*

    • kepitink said:

      nyasar darimana mau kemana nihhh?:p

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