Please don’t mind the post was just a song title :). Anyway this postcard designed by request of
which eventually the client likes grunge & typography mixed. I’m observing that these style has become a trend among the Christian online community– which I think this youth style attracts young people rather than a classic picture of Church or else– everywhere on the internet.

Using the Houston skyline (it has something to do with their new movement to the city) and the rest is all typography. I wish I can have more typography project like this and get more exploration 🙂

Global Church Postcard

Global Church Postcard

The second post for Global Church header series. This one is for 980×310 size. Second header from the bottom is my favorite so far. I really, really love the letter blocks and grayscale tone. The website has black almost everywhere, (it will soon be launch, counting days)..and I think the header fits well in it. There are more header coming for this size, I will upload them soon when it’s finished 🙂




A series of typographical headers for Global Church’s website. There are about more than 15 headers for the site. I pick some of them to put here. The website is currently running in progress, and every section of the website contain lot of banner/ header with different theme/ concept. So far I really enjoying working this project, because it’s so TYPOGRAPHY. Rarely found commercial projects based on typography I guess it’s my playground.

Will add some more when the project accomplished.  Enjoy!



Just a simple idea for a 2009 calendar cover; 10nd to perfection (read: tend to perfection)
It’s a raw mock up for the company I worked for. The concept is connecting 10 years company
anniversary with a growing pain circumstances. The 10 denotes an almost absolute measure for
perfection, that keep growing. 10 to 100, 1000, ..etc.

Personally I loved the glowing effect and vivid color. I guess this kind of typography effect can be
easily implemented on disco concept — lol, but I guess it’s best for the web application rather than
printing. Who knows?