I always love pop art. The art of turning a photograph into posterized/ cutout effect is always fun to shown below, it’s my recent project for a T-Shirt. The theme is umm..political joke on Obama? I have no problem with Obama, really..except the part that he kept silent on the situation in Palestina , when people in the worls were hoping he’s going to do his magical hope campaign 😀

Ok, despite what’s good and bad in Obama political career, here’s the Obama pop art. The second one is adopting current famous Obama poster, just adding a pointed gun so Obama doing blackmale on you 😀 . For Obama’s’s just artwork..don’t be mad 😉

Nobama, NoShit.

Nobama, NoShit.

I draw this 3 characters based on MII Nintendo character. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse & Mary Kate Olsen. Although my illustration has not chosen, I’d still love to publish in here..since they’ have ‘dumb look’ 😀